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Double Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattress Health Benefits

Your bedding surface can have a great impact on your health. How you sleep, when you sleep, and how much you sleep greatly effect how you feel on a daily basis. So why wouldn't you want to invest in the highest quality mattress that you possibly could. This is why you should consider a memory foam mattress.

What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is created when certain chemicals are added to basic polyurethane foam. The chemicals that are added to the polyurethane foam make the foam Visco elastic. What this means is that the foam after the chemicals are added to it will yield easily to pressure and then once that pressure and compression is removed the material immediately returns back to its original form.

double mattresses

Memory foam itself is made up of very tiny "memory cells" that react to body heat and weight. When a person lays down on the foam the foam absorbs the body heat and becomes soft and yields to the pressure and weight of the body. The foam conforms to the contours of the person's body thus providing an incredible amount of support. Essentially the mattress learns the shape of your body and makes an adaptation to accommodate your body regardless of your height or weight.

This accommodation of a person's height and weight is one of the main health benefits of a memory foam mattress. What memory foam does is spread weight across the entire surface of the mattress and reduces the pressure points that can cause problems for your joints. Because of this reduction in pressure it helps you become more relaxed and receive greater sleep. Also memory foam does not "dip." Dipping is what you get with innerspring mattresses (dipping is when the springs in an inners pring mattress begin to wear out and aid dip forms in the middle of the mattress).

The foam used in memory foam was originally developed by NASA to help relieve the enormous pressure the astronauts felt during liftoff and reentry. Once it was perfected for use by the astronauts it was introduced to the medical community. The medical community recognized the therapeutic characteristics of memory foam and therefore now it is used in hospital beds for post-op and severely injured patients. The public saw its first memory foam mattress in 1990 where it was released to the people of Sweden from a prominent mattress manufacturer.

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So what specific health benefits can you receive by sleeping on a memory foam mattress? Sleeping on memory foam mattress can greatly reduce or eliminate headaches that are cause by stresses and pressure points. Also hip pain, back pain, leg pain, and neck pain can all be eliminated because of the incredible support that you receive when sleeping on a memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses also allow for better circulation because of the reduction of pressure points. It also eliminates tossing and turning which prevents you from waking up constantly throughout the night and allows for you to get better sleep.

The health benefits of a memory foam mattresses are great. If you're thinking about getting a new mattress you should definitely consider one of these.